Attention Distributors!
We recognize that as a bakery supply shop or a restaurant supply company, you're always looking for unique and elegant products to offer your clients. That's why we're excited to offer you our cookie decoration kits, which are unlike anything else on the market. We’ve reached 60 countries around the world and you can be part of our global team!

Our kits offer a complete cookie decoration experience and appeal to all users from the beginner to the professional baker and make it easy to make precision-perfect cookies every time.

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We understand that every business has unique needs, so you can customize your plan and receive a personalized quote based on your desired selection and quantity. With 48 unique options, there's a kit for every occasion and every client.

And you can purchase our cookie decoration kits with a volume discount for resale in your store or online, ensuring that you can offer your clients something truly exclusive and upscale.

Stand out from the competition with our truly exceptional and elegant cookie decorating solution.