To inspire a creative process. Connecting people. Enable the creation of decorated cookies.

Lorena’s Sweets creates cookie cutters and silicone molds of high standard and originality, for different seasons and occasions that are very easy to use.


Reach an international clientele. Make the products easily accessible. Be a source of continuous creative inspiration.

Lorena’s Sweets has presence in the most important social networks, building a continuous communication channel with interested parties and clients, who can discover and buy all products from places all around the globe.


Each cookie decoration kit contains:

  • Cookie cutters that can be used both with cookie dough and fondant
  • Silicone molds to form and texturize fondant decorations
  • General use instructions and recipes
  • Some kits, depending on the design, may include tips for icing


  • The cutters are made in a 3D printer with PLA plastic, environmentally friendly.
  • The silicone molds are made with food grade silicone with imported raw material.
  • The products are packed in a recyclable cardboard box and the printing is FSC certified, with biodegradable inks, water-soluble chemicals, and certified paper.

Tap on Lorena’s Sweets Cookie Sets unlimited creative possibilities and go from hobbyist to entrepreneur.


Experience the joy of creating edible beauties With Lorena’s Sweets Cookie Decoration Kits

Lorena Rodriguez is a creative Costarican woman who is now a cookie celebrity known worldwide through social media for her amazing cookie creations. Her previous career as a designer in advertising and interior design explains her exquisite taste and attention to detail in her acclaimed cookie favors.

This cookie madness began as a Christmas tradition 25 years ago, when she started baking for her loved ones. Then she fell in love with fondant, this sweet and magical dough that allowed her to create perfect looking cookies for different occasions and celebrations. Her posts on social media attracted women from all over the world, in awe with her delightful themed cookie favors.

In 2018 Lorena was invited to give a cookie class in New York City, so to facilitate the experience in her workshop, she developed her first cookie decoration kit. Worldwide fans also wanted to recreate those beautiful delicate cookies, so the kits became available on Lorena’s own website www.lorenassweets.com and also on Amazon.

Lorena’s Sweets Cookie Decoration Kits were the first product of its kind, ever. Without realizing it, her vision resulted in a trend that inspired people to create beautiful looking cookies as a hobby or for business, without having to worry about design and composition because the kits are a complete aesthetic solution.

Now you can collect over 50 designs and create edible beauties to celebrate on every occasion.  

Fabricated in Costa Rica with the highest standards, these sets can make anyone create professional looking cookie favors in a very simple and practical way, just by following instructions. The Lorena’s Sweets Cookie Decoration Kits are molds that make your dreams possible.

All designs are original from Lorena’s Sweets!