To inspire a creative process. Connecting people. Enable the creation of decorated cookies.

Lorena’s Sweets creates cookie cutters and silicone molds of high standard and originality, for different seasons and occasions that are very easy to use.


Reach an international clientele. Make the products easily accessible. Be a source of continuous creative inspiration.

Lorena’s Sweets has presence in the most important social networks, building a continuous communication channel with interested parties and clients, who can discover and buy all products from places all around the globe.


Cookie cutter and silicone mold kits for production of cookies decorated with fondant. Silicone molds are made in Costa Rica with imported materials.

Cookie cutters are printed in a 3D printer with PLA plastics, environmentally friendly. Kits are packed in recyclable carton boxes, printing is FSC certified, biodegradable inks, hydro soluble chemicals and certified paper. Each kit contains general instructions and recipes.

All cookie designs are originally from Lorena’s Sweets. 50+ designs for various occasions are available.


Lorena Rodriguez is the Creative Director behind Lorena’s Sweets her background is Graphic Design and Interior Design. It has been her tradition for the last 25 years to bake and decorate cookies as gifts for friends and family during the Christmas season. Allowing her the opportunity to create different designs and to freely play with shapes and colors.

She experimented with fondant, discovering it to be a very workable and elegant material that is easily handled. It can be tinted, cut, formed and printed on – a creative paradise – and when used in molds, the results are always identical.

In 2016, motivated by her husband, she opened an Instagram account where she started sharing pictures of her hobby and very quickly gained a great number of followers, many of them fellow bakers and housewives.

This very passionate community was the driving force to keep creating. In September 2017 she was invited to give a class, for which she created the first kit of cookie cutters and silicone molds from Lorena’s Sweets. A year later the kits where on sale on Amazon.

Without realizing it, she had developed a trendsetting product that inspires and connects people, from the amateur to the expert, and allows the production of professional beautiful looking cookies. To inspire a creative process. Connecting people. Enable the creation of decorated cookies.